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Egyptian Musk — popular

Egyptian Musk  is a thick oil, ours is absolutely amazing uncut, alcohol free fragrance that last all day without effort on skin and even longer on clothes.  Over the years, we have searched suppliers through and through and saw many different types claiming to be the best. Time and again our Original Egyptian Musk came out on top

 Some add some other scents to their Egyptian Musk and call it some other name like Egyptian Goddess some add another stuff and call it something else to confuse people and make them come back to them.  

The market is flooded with so called Egyptian Musks  of obviously inferior quality and from our experience 9 out of 10 are diluted to an unbelievable degree.  It is easy enough to sell it to people lesser quality fragrance oil if they never seen or experienced  the real amazing oil like the one The islamic Mall and few other suppliers carry.  

We never dilute or do anything with the oils. We found the best oil and it needs nothing to be added to to it. 

Our Original Egyptian Musk  Body Oil - is a highest grade oil excellent for aromatherapy, cosmetics, burning and other uses. Over the years, many have come to know the Original Egyptian Musk sold at The Islamic Mall  as truly some of the best.  We have customers who have been buying it  for many years and they love the product.   And we back this up with 60 days - 100% satisfaction guarantee ! 

    If you do not like it for any reason return it within 60 days and we will give you a a full refund no questions

Another Quick Note:

We found that there are  a couple of distinct types of egyptian musk and we carry two that satisfy the majority of the customers. They smell basically the same but differ only slightly in color and the notes of the scent.  It seems that there is about 50/50 split between people as to which they think is better.  We distinguish between the two as Egyptian Musk and Original Egyptian Musk which are the  names our suppliers use for them. 

Egyptian Musk is yellower and slightly stronger scent with sweeter notes. 

Original Egyptian Musk is slightly paler with subtler scent that lasts longer.

We believe that Original Egyptian Musk is better and it costs us more as well, while the price is the same to you. Our sales records show the same but it probably depends on what you are used to. If someone is used to the one  and  used to that scent they will pick that one over the other. These things are subjective to some degree. 

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